Discover the Amalfi Coast - Hidden Treasures in Italy

The Amalfi Coast

Are you looking for the perfect summer vacation? Italy offers some beautiful scenery and is a great place to charter a yacht.  We have some amazing yachts available in the Mediterranean this summer and one breath-taking area that is best explored from a yacht is the Amalfi Coast. You can begin your trip in Naples and then depart for Capri along the way.

Pastel coloured homes, pebble beaches, green lush mountains diving into the bright blue seas…. shops, culture, scuba diving, swimming, hiking, the Amalfi Coast offers it all. This gorgeous little seaside town is just along the Southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula. The bright colourful fishing villages have small beaches, cliff side cafes and beautiful villas. The pure uniqueness of coastal mountains diving into the sea is enough to provide a perfect example of one of the most picturesque areas of the Mediterranean.

There are some beautiful areas to visit on the Amalfi Coast; these are just some of our favorites:

Capri --

“The Pearl of the Bay of Naples the most famous island in Italy”. It is Mountainous, with a precipitous limestone coast with caves & fissures that have eroded into modern sculptures. The Island was occupied by the Greeks & Romans. Augustus exchanged Capri for Ischia and built roads and aqueducts.

A visit to the famous Blue Grottos is a must! A marine cavern on the NW coast, that was once a nymphaeum of Tiberius. It is under 2m of water, there are niches, platforms & apses carved out of the rock, indicating that the island has subsided considerably sine Roman times.

Amalfi and Atrani --

These historic seaside towns offer plenty of culture and fun little alleyways behind the Amalfi Cathedral. Stop in for a wonderful fish dinner and an overflow of the delicious liqueur Limoncello.

Atrani, a fishing village, is the smallest town in all of Southern Italy. Historical sites and gorgeous cliffside homes can be viewed from the water.

Positano --

One of the most popular sites along the Amalfi Coast. Your yacht can anchor out and tender you in to this wonderful little town full of steep flights of steps, pastel Mediterranean houses, and pebble beaches. Spiaggia Grande is a 300-metre beach, which is on of the largest on the Amalfi Coast.  If you are searching for famous actors artists and celebrities you are likely to find them at this little gem.

Sant'Agata and Nerano--

These two coastal towns offer amazing views, incredible food, and blue-sky water – pebbled beaches. As your yacht anchors out, take the tender in and have a CHIC lunch at Sant Agata sui Due Golfif. This town can be reached by car but the walk through the forests and green hills overlooking the water is breathtaking.

Nerano offers more amazing beaches and is just another part of paradise amongst the Amalfi Coast. Stop by this lovely fishing village and visit the famous underwater caves. Nerano is also popular for scuba divers as the water is so transparent.

We can customise an itinerary based on your wherever you would like to go and include any of your "must see" sites.

Whatever your preferences are, All Yachts Worldwide can find you the perfect yacht and schedule an exciting itinerary that offers you to explore the exquisite Amalfi Coast. Please contact us to get started on your perfect summer vacation!