Metsuyan IV in the Bahamas

I just returned from an amazing trip as a guest onboard 120′ Metsuyan IV. The Bahamas has long been one of my favorite cruising areas. There is always a gentle breeze and the water temperature in the 70′s. This trip was unique whereas the crew of 7 was enhanced by an additional dive butler. While I have cruised and snorkled multiple times in the Bahamas, this was to be my first experience diving there. We flew into Nassau via Jet Blue in Fort Lauderdale. The flight was delayed by several hours but I was informed via email from the yacht that lunch would be waiting and we would be having a barbeque dinner. Upon arriving in Nassau, Jet Blue handed each of us a letter stating we would be receiving a $150. credit into our account for the delay. From there things only got better! Captain Clive and a driver with a private car, was at the airport to greet the 4 of us upon arrival. We were whisked off to Lyford Cay , a short 10 minute drive, to board the yacht. After being offered a cold drink and some canapes we were instructed to gather round in the main saloon for a safety briefing.. The Captain gave us instructions on what to do in the event of a fire, or other mishap which could occur onboard. The crew showed us how the life jackets work along with the emergency whistle and flashlight attached. Then each of the crew introduced themselves and relayed to us their job on board. With that out of the way, the party began! Champagne corks flew and the music flowed. We departed from the dock and headed down towards the chain of islands called the Berry Islands. We set anchor just before sunset and the chef created an amazing bbq mix of prawns, lamb and chicken along with rainbows of tasty vegetable kabobs which included yellow, green, red peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions. The next morning the certified divers (including myself) went for a dive with our very own dive butler. The yacht is equipped with dive gear and a compressor. The dive butler is extra. Alexis is the owner of dive butler and is a certified padi instructor and offers diving all over the world. The final night we were lucky to get a slip at the new Albany Marina. As we pulled in we noticed Tiger Woods yacht “Privacy” tied to the dock. We had one of the managers give us a guided tour of the new development and he informed us that Tiger was indeed there along with his kids. We could catch a glimpse of Tiger early the next morning, around 8am , on the golf course. The time passed much too quickly and before long it was time to fly home to reality . Although there is noone at my house to iron my sheets each day, nor someone to cook all my favorite things including homemade breads and pastrys, nor Captain Clive to amuse me with his evening sea tales of times gone by, the memories remain very close to my heart. What a joyous way to spend a holiday at sea. Being surrounded with people who love what they are doing has an effect to make you feel significant. While looking out my window at the rainy gloomy weather I just close my eyes and smile with the remembrance of exciting and hapy times onboard Metsuyan IV. Metsuyan IV will be cruising Turkey this summer. check out my trip and the yacht and crew: