Paddle boarding in Belize
CAT Dreaming ON

This month we are looking at top-secret getaways…you know the ones… the kind of places where you can disappear from the radar, leave the razor and make up at home, pack a few swimsuits, sarongs, shorts and cotton shirts and just relax. Turn the phones off. Disconnect from social media. Dive. Snorkel. Swim. Watch the Sunsets with a different local cocktail each evening, dine on freshly caught fish, and wake up to sunrises with fresh coffee, mimosas and bloody marys.

We are looking at the gorgeous small country called Belize, which is just nestled in between Mexico and Guatemala. It is still unspoiled land and the coast offers some of the best dive and snorkel sites in the Caribbean. In fact, the worlds’ 2nd biggest barrier reef spans the length of Belize.  The islands throughout Belize are referred to as Cayes “keys” and total around 450.

Belize is the perfect laid back sailing or yachting destination, which offers snorkelling and diving, fishing, and an opportunity to Island Hop the crystal clear ocean and pristine beaches.  Your day may start at Laru Beya Marina, where you can kayak through the mangroves, or go see several exotic creatures such as the Howler Monkeys.  Heading up to Wippari Cay will lead you to an amazing fishing area. Find your fresh fish and snorkel at South Water Cay.  Experience Queen Cay where snorkelling and diving along the barrier reef is outstanding. The yacht can anchor just off the southern cay and you can enjoy a relaxing sunset. Catamaran Dreaming On (pictured) is a perfect boat for an area like this - and the crew and the boat received raving reviews from our clients!

The best time of the season to travel here is November through May. What a great option for Spring Break or simply just going somewhere to get away from it all! Disconnect. Relax. Float. Contact us and we will find the perfect boat for your trip!