What to See and Do in The Bahamas


With crystal clear turquoise blue water, tropical fish, and white sandy beaches, the Bahamas features over 700 islands and cays to explore both on land and sea. The weather remains relatively constant all year round with average temperatures in the 80s and sunny skies making The Bahamas a destination to visit during any season. We’ve outlined some of our favorite sights and activities to see and do during your yachting adventure to the Bahamas. 

Begin your trip in Nassau and cruise to Allen’s Cay.

 Here, you will meet some wild iguanas native to the Bahamas. These iguanas grow up to 4 ft in length and its color consists of a grey-brown with pink highlights. These wild creatures are endangered and protected under the WIld Animals Protection Act, and only feed on nutrient-rich plants.

Snorkeling the Exumas islands is another favorite amongst guests. Snorkel amongst large seabeds of staghorn corals, brain corals, and tropical fish.

Then, cruise to Hawks Bill Cay.

Explore the ruins of Loyalist plantations dating from 1783-1830. Take a selfie under the limestone cliffs that create a small cave to send to your friends back home.

Enjoy stopping at Wardrick Wells and visit the Exuma Land and Sea Park, a 176 square mile national park created in 1958 and is known as one of the most successful marine parks today. Then, see the 50-foot Sperm Whale skeleton on the beach. If you love local history, there are a collection of caves around the island which are said to be tainted by pirates in years past!

Cruise to Staniel Cay and visit the quaint village complete with grocery stories, bakeries, gift shops, and more. Experience the authentic Staniel Cay Yacht Club, a hidden gem in the Exumas, and dine casually in the Captain’s Lounge that dates back to the 1950s with open air windows and original Cuban floors or at the Sea Level location with breathtaking views of the water and fine dining. And to top off your trip, Snorkel the cave where they filmed the James Bond movie!