Yacht Chartering Tips 101

Are you a beginner when it comes to boating? Are you a newcomer to yachts? Have you ever chartered a yacht before? Or, maybe you just need to brush up ons some Chartering tips before your next yachting vacation. Well, we’re so glad you’re here! We’ve put together a list of chartering tips to help guide you for the best charter experience. Please feel free to ask us any questions at any time if you have any concerns about your upcoming trip. One of our favorite questions we get asked is of course, “What to pack?” So, we hope this is a big help for you and your guests. We look forward to cruising with you soon! 

Laundry Most yacht have a washer and dryer inside. Don’t bring too many clothes but, equally, do not neglect to bring something warm to wear inside as a yacht’s air-conditioning can change or as evenings on the water can be cool on deck. Light laundry can be washed and ironed. 

Suitcases It is best to pack your luggage in soft bags if possible as storing hard suitcases can sometimes present problems on yachts.

Sunscreens Sunburn will almost certainly be a health risk, as sunlight reflected from water can double normal exposure. Of course, the yacht will have a good range of sun creams, but it is always best to let them know your preference or, if you prefer, take your own, especially the high-factor waterproof creams that might not be available locally. Do avoid oil-based sunscreens as these tend to stain teak decks. Take some light, long-sleeved cover-up clothes – at some time during a cruise you will certainly need to reduce your exposure to the sun.

Smoking Smoking on most yachts is prohibited inside the cabin or interior of the yacht, but there may be specific areas on deck set aside for smokers. 

Children While many yachts encourage charter clients to bring children of all ages and often stock a wide variety of water toys, games and videos just for youngsters, the crew members all have their responsibilities on board. If you bring small children, plan to care for them yourself or bring a nanny, who can often be accommodated in a spare cabin.

Netting for outside decks is available along with high chair and crib rentals 

Complaints If you have the slightest problem with operating any of the yachts facilities, or have a complaint about the behavior of a crew member, or any other matter, speak immediately with the captain and All Yachts Worldwide - bottled up grievances can ruin holidays and a word in time will certainly lead to the problem being solved.

What to Pack: 

Passport take out extra secure place . Maybe at end or somewhere include think of it las if you were staying at a I’ve star hotel resort robes slippers hairdryers toiletries and safes in rooms 

Passport & a photo copy of it (remember to keep it in an extra-secure place while traveling!) 

International Cell phone usage: If you would like to be connected by cell phone: use a “quad band” phone: then purchase a local SIM card & minutes to use as a “prepaid phone” or.. you can roam from your home provider - this works but can be costly. Be certain to notify your carrier before leaving home and sign up for international data, texting and calling plan if available...  remember the charger! However, if you forget your charger ask as many yachts will have extra chargers on board. 

Sunglasses, polarized are best for on the water. 

Water resistant tote bag/backpack for coming and going to the yacht by dinghy 

Hat that stays on in the wind "Water shoes"  (like Tevas or Crocs) that stay on in the water .

“Water shirts” (rash guard shirt) for swimming or water sports 

Camera & charger and extra disk cards, a waterproof camera is fun

Your “I Pod” (or similar) device with your music

Extras of any important prescription meds or glasses / contact lenses

You will not need a lot of clothes but it is very handy to have the right things. 

Women: shorts or capris, or skorts, sleeveless dresses, light weight shirts, tees, one long sleeved shirt for wind, stretchy things you can move in easily, and climb in & out of boat from dinghy….

High heeled shoes and hard shoes in general will not be welcomed (or allowed) aboard as they cause damage to teak decks – take them only for shore use. In each case, the crew will provide a basket either at the end of the gangway or outside the salon door for you to deposit shoes.

A Hair dryer is provided in each cabin as well as toiletries. 

Men: light weight Bermuda shorts, swimming trunks or boards shorts, t-shirt or short sleeve shirts, long sleeved shirt for cool night

Both: a light jacket/light sweater, or wrap for cool night or wind ... The evenings can be slightly breezy, several bathing suits as one is usually wet, a cover up type garment, shirt/pario, one cocktail dress for dining ashore, sundress/ button down shirt/light weight long pants, for going out. 

Something cozy for after you get out of water and Jacuzzi. A long sleeved cotton shirt and long cotton pants for sun protection. (Insider’s tip: Cotton dries much faster than jeans if they get wet.)

Tevas/Flip flops/ Light weight tennis shoes/ light weight deck shoes. 

Comfortable walking shoes as pathways can sometimes be rocky and uneven.  

We find that it works well to bring just your few favorite lightweight and comfortable things and not much else – some restaurants may require a jacket for men, please inquire ahead. 

Beach and bath towels and robes are provided onboard. 

Anything you are missing, we can probably find for you.

See you soon!