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10 Ways To Say I Love You

Celebrate the month of February in the spirit of love… Have you ever wondered how to say I Love You in Italian or French? With Valentine’s day coming up, remember to make it super special for your significant other. First, you can learn to say “I Love You” in 10 different languages. We’ve outlined them below… Just copy and paste, or read them aloud on your dinner date. 

In English: I Love You.

In French: Je t’aime. 

In Italian: Ti amo. 

In German: Ich liebe dich.

In Russian: Я люблю тебя. [Ya lyublyu tyebya.]

In Spanish: Te amo. / Te quiero.

7 Tips To Stay Healthy in The New Year

Who else is welcoming 2021 with open arms? We sure are! We hope you have an exciting, happy, and healthy new year from all of us at All Yachts Worldwide. A new year usually means  time to break out the "new you" complete with new year's resolutions, right? Let's face it, one of the many resolutions we have each new year is to live more healthy. So, what does being healthy really mean? There's quite a few ways to get healthy for 2021, so we've outlined some below to help! 

Sail Into 2021 In Style

Sail into 2021 even if only in your dreams. We are here to make this years dreams a reality next year. Stuff those stockings with a yachting or sailing dream vacation in the Bahamas this year. With 16 major islands across 100,000 square miles of the world's clearest ocean, you can snorkel amongst colorful corals and tropical fish, sift for sand dollars, swim with pigs, and experience an all-day fish fry Bahamian style. 

Remember that sunshine, salt air, and the fresh catch of the day is good for the whole mind, body, and soul. 

Our Favorite Winter Yachting Escapes

Florida Keys - stretching about 120 miles off the southern tip of the U.S. state of Florida, the Florida Keys is famous for snorkeling, boating, scuba diving, and fishing. The best “foodie” part about the Winter is Stone Crab season! Stone crab claws are not only beautiful to look at, but are perhaps Florida’s most sustainable seafood, where laws prohibit fisherman from taking the whole crab, and the crab’s ability to regrow its claws fully within a year or two.

Distinguished Dishes To Dream About

Whether you’re hosting an island-inspired rendez-vous at home or looking to impress your friends at sea, we’ve collected some of our favorite yachting dishes that will send your tastebuds dancing.

Not only are these dishes delicious to the taste, but they’re also great eye candy for decorating your tablescape! 

Aboard Bella Vita, featured here is a pan cooked Wahoo served with a lemon and caper hollandaise sauce, and parsley oil with poached spinach and asparagus.

Colorful, classic, and a definite crowd-pleaser! 

A Father’s Day Dream: Yachting in Paradise

We’ve all been cooped up for quite some time now, but what better way to show Dad you love him than to plan him a vacation when this is all over? Give him the gift of family fun and togetherness in paradise. We will help you plan the perfect trip to make his day a special one, no matter when you plan to go! We’ll design a sample itinerary just for you so he has something to be excited about. 

Reopening soon!

Reopening soon!! Yes it is official!  While the British Virgin Islands have not yet picked a reopening date, The USVI will be open for tourist business on June 1st. Easy flights in and out of St. Thomas, USVI. This is a great cruising area and even more beautiful without the cruise ships. Florida recreational boating for private yachts is also opening up soon. The Bahamas are hoping to be open to yachting mid-June. We are watching and waiting for international borders across the globe to begin opening up.

Great Destinations in the USA

From Florida to Maryland, the Carolinas, and Alaska, we’ve created a list of some top destinations to keep on your radar when you’re looking to book your next vacation in the United States. All of these destinations are accessible by boat so you can experience the best of both worlds on land and at sea. 


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